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A wall through which you can walk.

A computer you can use by touching the air.

A screen on which you can leave no finger marks.

Images which can be crossed.

Air in which you can write and draw.

The idea is to create, from ordinary water, such a thin and light mist, that you can project images on its both sides.It is possible to cross this water, atomized by ultrasonic waves without being wet. The wall of mist stays uniform between two fluxes of air. The control of the fluxes of air is exactly a patented idea.

A spectacular promotion brings orders.

Visualization and show.

This surface of projection, which can be crossed, is easy to install; it is the first in the world, which allows to write and draw in the air. The screen of mist fits to numerous places and events. The attraction arouses the attention by its very visual aspect.You can use it in leisure centres, theme parks, scientific centres, aquaria, planetaria, discos, casinos, businesses and hotels and restaurants. This surface of unique projection also offers numerous uses as a tool for the pictorial arts and video as well as in the theatres.

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